Curly Hair

I’d like to tell you a few tricks about curly hair care. I want to share with you some of my secrets that help me to have nice curls. I know, most people think that if you have curly hair is easy to maintain and that it always looks flawless. Yet ,the truth is that only possessors of curly hair know how complicated is the process by which you keep your hair attractive.
Here are some tricks that work without too much effort to have a beautiful curly hair.
1. Haircut in stairs give a very nice curly hair. Gives volume and highlights each loop separately.
2. Use more conditioner for a shiny and healthy hair. The conditioner gives a neat and tidy. Apply the conditioner throughout hair length and let it five minutes then wash your hair and then apply a conditioner that does not rinse off, for healthy curls.
3. Hair masks are essential for any type of hair, especially for curly or wavy hair.
4. I usually leave my hair to dry naturally. Loops look the most beautiful when it dries slowly, without using the hair dryer.
5. We all know that hair dye is very harmful for our hair. And for curly hair it is even worse because the hair dye burns the hair and, over time, destroys the loops. However, if you have your hair already dyed, make sure to use moisturizing balm and masks as often as you can.





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