Just Belive

A long time ago I wanted to visit the Pyrenees mountains in Andorra. It was like a dream. First time we have booked with Crystal Ski! I would recommend you, Crystal Ski Holiday. It is a very good travel agency. As a ski tour operator, they provide ski holidays that offer something very different from your everyday life. Andorra is renowned  through tourists for being a tax haven 😀 Yes, no tax for items because of its independence from the European Union. Visitors from all over flock to Andorra to take advantage of the tax-free prices on clothing and other luxury items. Ohhh 🙂 Grandvalira ❤ is an illustrious ski station offering dozens of ski routes that vary in level of difficulty.

My dears, I was at Caldea Thermal Spa, it was very exciting because a day at spa can be a bless, a place that helped me to switch off and relax, recharge and reflect. Caldea, Europe’s largest recreational spa located in the mountains and offers you an inside and outside lagoons, grapefruit pools, an Aztec pool, Indo-Roman baths, cascades, bubble beds, warm marble slates, saunas, Jacuzzi.

There is a huge choice of pubs and bars in all the main ski resort villages. I can recommend you, good tapas to be found in Arinsal at La Tasca. Andorra has numerous culinary influences because it borders Catalan Spain and France which obviously influences the local cuisine. One of my favorite is Factory Arinsal pub&restaurant. They have great value and a fantastic meals. OMG, I miss eating their burgers, awesome burgers and unusual food, good selection 🙂 well prepared!





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