“Two different flowers from the same garden” would be the best quote to describe the two of us.We would like to show everybody that having a sister is the most amazing thing ever, no matter what age she is.

Eight years between us? Yes, and it doesn’t stop us from getting along with each other or being best friends.We obviously have different styles and thoughts.

Trying to respect each other’s opinions, tell each other secrets and trying our best to help each other is something special, it is like a gift that can’t be expressed with words. The feeling of love always flies around us and the little misunderstandings never stop us, laughter always makes life easier. We love to spend time together and do the craziest stuff, explore the world and meet new people.

We’re going to share with you guys a few moments from our life, new experiences and even troubles we meet in everyday life. Tell you beauty tips and tricks, fashion secrets and the way we develop in our modelling career. It seems natural to work on a project we are both passionate about. Hoping to share with you our ideas, insights and our two unique approaches to lifestyle.