Two flowers from the same garden

Summer is gone, we had the opportunity to do this photo shooting in Moldova. Everyone from Ireland asked us about Moldova.We decided to show you how beautiful Moldova is. ❤ ❤ With love Irina and Julie ❤ ❤














Photos by Victor Garstea


Just Belive

A long time ago I wanted to visit the Pyrenees mountains in Andorra. It was like a dream. First time we have booked with Crystal Ski! I would recommend you, Crystal Ski Holiday. It is a very good travel agency. As a ski tour operator, they provide ski holidays that offer something very different from your everyday life. Andorra is renowned  through tourists for being a tax haven 😀 Yes, no tax for items because of its independence from the European Union. Visitors from all over flock to Andorra to take advantage of the tax-free prices on clothing and other luxury items. Ohhh 🙂 Grandvalira ❤ is an illustrious ski station offering dozens of ski routes that vary in level of difficulty.

My dears, I was at Caldea Thermal Spa, it was very exciting because a day at spa can be a bless, a place that helped me to switch off and relax, recharge and reflect. Caldea, Europe’s largest recreational spa located in the mountains and offers you an inside and outside lagoons, grapefruit pools, an Aztec pool, Indo-Roman baths, cascades, bubble beds, warm marble slates, saunas, Jacuzzi.

There is a huge choice of pubs and bars in all the main ski resort villages. I can recommend you, good tapas to be found in Arinsal at La Tasca. Andorra has numerous culinary influences because it borders Catalan Spain and France which obviously influences the local cuisine. One of my favorite is Factory Arinsal pub&restaurant. They have great value and a fantastic meals. OMG, I miss eating their burgers, awesome burgers and unusual food, good selection 🙂 well prepared!







Julie: Cap: ASOS  Jeans: Primark  Shoes: Adidas

Irina: Cap: TK Max Coat: Pull&Bea Sweater: H&M Jeans: H&M Shoes: Primark



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Autumn Vibes on Dublin Streets

Today, I would like to share with you my experience with Leo Sophia Photography. We worked together for Sheeba Magazine. I will talk a little bit about my outfit. I think that to dress cute in a way that suits us isn’t easy for everybody. Don’t forget! We are all different but each of us is a unique package and finding out how to make the most of ourselves generally takes a bit of time. For me, sometimes a really nice skirt and a white shirt, a cutely cut blazer and a great pair of shoes are all I need. The key is that white is very flattering, but it must be clean and truly white. Ernestine Carter said ”Style is like charm… you either have it or you don’t.”


Blazer: Lykkeling
Blouse: Esprit
Skirt: Tartanista
Coat: Windsor
Shoes: Kampgen
Socks: Topsop


Sheeba Magazine:`

We’ll never be alone


Hi everyone! Today we would like to share with you our first video. 🙂 This is how we spent our day discovering Ireland. We are in Love with Ireland! 😀

Watch the video and tell us what you think in the comments box down below. Have a nice weekend!

The photographer: Gintautas Cepaitis Photography   We had a pleasure to work  with Gintautas 🙂 He is very talented and he knows his job.
Location: Glendalough Co. Wicklow, Ireland


Sisters of the Moonshine

It was an amazing experience for the two of us! A play in the woods organised by Jason J Finnane which is also a very talented photographer, Gill McCann had done our make-up and Catherine Redican the hairstyles at Art Hair Design. We had the opportunity to act in this short movie called ‘Sisters of the Moonshine’. A play about two sisters in the 1800s that develop over the course of the short story. We posed for a magazine called Studio74 at the same time, you can see the pictures down below. We got the BSK short roll-up denim dungarees in Bershka and the white long dresses in Penneys.



3 Simple Eyeliner Styles


Eyeliner can give your eye make-up the drama and depth that you’re looking for. For many women, it’s the one make-up product they can’t live without.
There are several different types of eyeliner that you can choose from. If you’re trying something new, this is a quick and easy guide to give you
some help.

1.Classic (not winged)
When you wear it: during the day

Why it works: Clean, thin lines give
just enough emphasis without overdoing it.

What you need: An eye pencil in dark brown or black.

Dow you do it: Draw from the inner corner to the outer edge on the top lid only,
making sure to thicken the line (even so slightly) as you go.

2. Cat eye
When to wear it: Hangouts

Why it works: It’s just dramatic enough, but can be kept low-key with a
simple red lip.

What you need: Liquid liner.
P.S. if u keep shaking while doing it just use a Scotch tape.

How to do it: Use the tape to stencil how the line should angle, taking
care to tape both lied at an even slant. Draw the liquid
from the inner corner outward and above the tape.
Then remove the tape and… it’s done!

3. Double Trouble
Time to get a little more creative! This one is a double winged
liner look that is perfect for night out.
Also called double wing liner, the double flick style is really fun and is the perfect way
to add drama to your look for nighttime.000image

Curly Hair

I’d like to tell you a few tricks about curly hair care. I want to share with you some of my secrets that help me to have nice curls. I know, most people think that if you have curly hair is easy to maintain and that it always looks flawless. Yet ,the truth is that only possessors of curly hair know how complicated is the process by which you keep your hair attractive.
Here are some tricks that work without too much effort to have a beautiful curly hair.
1. Haircut in stairs give a very nice curly hair. Gives volume and highlights each loop separately.
2. Use more conditioner for a shiny and healthy hair. The conditioner gives a neat and tidy. Apply the conditioner throughout hair length and let it five minutes then wash your hair and then apply a conditioner that does not rinse off, for healthy curls.
3. Hair masks are essential for any type of hair, especially for curly or wavy hair.
4. I usually leave my hair to dry naturally. Loops look the most beautiful when it dries slowly, without using the hair dryer.
5. We all know that hair dye is very harmful for our hair. And for curly hair it is even worse because the hair dye burns the hair and, over time, destroys the loops. However, if you have your hair already dyed, make sure to use moisturizing balm and masks as often as you can.