Eyeliner can give your eye make-up the drama and depth that you’re looking for. For many women, it’s the one make-up product they can’t live without.
There are several different types of eyeliner that you can choose from. If you’re trying something new, this is a quick and easy guide to give you
some help.

1.Classic (not winged)
When you wear it: during the day

Why it works: Clean, thin lines give
just enough emphasis without overdoing it.

What you need: An eye pencil in dark brown or black.

Dow you do it: Draw from the inner corner to the outer edge on the top lid only,
making sure to thicken the line (even so slightly) as you go.

2. Cat eye
When to wear it: Hangouts

Why it works: It’s just dramatic enough, but can be kept low-key with a
simple red lip.

What you need: Liquid liner.
P.S. if u keep shaking while doing it just use a Scotch tape.

How to do it: Use the tape to stencil how the line should angle, taking
care to tape both lied at an even slant. Draw the liquid
from the inner corner outward and above the tape.
Then remove the tape and… it’s done!


3. Double Trouble
Time to get a little more creative! This one is a double winged
liner look that is perfect for night out.
Also called double wing liner, the double flick style is really fun and is the perfect way
to add drama to your look for nighttime.000image